A diva party for gay, bi, pan and trans women

A Diva party for women will be held on Saturday November 18 at Nauthóll, situated at Nauthólsvík, Reykjavík’s bathing beach area that nestles in the outskirts of Öskjuhlíð forrest in the middle of town – a romantic and glamorous restaurant that seems perfect for the location!

Fríða Bonnie Andersen promises that guests of the forthcoming Diva party at restaurant Nauthóll will have a blast.

The organizers are five women who first got the idea to organize the event two years ago when they, at a dinner party, were discussing how queer women never go out but often invite each other for dinner instead, at home on weekends. They decided to organize a big dinner in nice surroundings in central Reykjavik where lesbians, bisexual, pansexual and trans women could gather to eat something tasty and enjoy each other‘s company.
“This is the second time the Diva party is held, the first one was at Iðnó last year and was a tremendous succes,” say Fríða Bonnie and Ásdís Óladóttir, two of the organiers, and promise that this year will be no different.

The house openes at 18 PM so Divas can meet and mingle and if they want have a cocktail at the bar. “Dining commences an hour later where a wonderful meal will be served in this cozy restaurant where the food matches the fabulous surroundings,” says Fríða Bonnie.

“This is the second time the Diva party is held, the first one was at Iðnó last year and was a tremendous success.”

The meal will consist of a mix of herring, smoked salmon, gravlax, smoked lamb and hamborgarhryggur (which is a kind of Gammon steak) with Waldorf salad for a starter; then a turkey with mushroom sauce, sweet potato mousse and root vegetables for the main course and finally a vanilla créme brulée for dessert. There is of course a vegetarian option: Filled courgette with cauliflower, kale salad with sweet potatoes and mango, beetroot with walenuts loaf and barley with shiitake mushrooms as a starter. Main course: A nut steak with baked potatoes and root vegetables, with raspberry chutney and wild mushroom sauce. The dessert: Sorbet with fruits and berries. The host of the evening is Jódís Skúladóttir.

Afterwards DJ Andrea Jóns, one of the most popular DJ’s in the country,  will spin records and get everybody on the dance floor to dance well into the light night. The price of dinner and dance is 8.500 ISK – but those who for some reason cannot dine will still be able attend the party afterwards for 2.o00 ISK. “But it is more fun to come to the dinner as well,” says Fríða Bonnie and Ásdís nods in agreement.

Here, on the left, is Katrín Jónsdóttirt who came up with the idea of calling the annual event a Diva party. Pictured with co-organizers Arndís Björg Sigurgeirsdóttir and Ásdís Óladóttir. Photo/Halla Þórlaug Óskarsdóttir

They say that last time the entertainment was spectacular and that will be the case this time as well. “There will several acts to warm us up for the dancing and other entertainment is being processed and will be announced at the Dívugleði page on Facebook. So if you want to follow the development please like us there,” says Fríða and Ásdís adds:  “If somebody wants to entertain then please be in touch before November 18th,  through Facebook.”

They emphasize that even though the focus of the night is on glamour and sophistication there is no rigid dress code. The only requirements are that you dress your inner Diva up for the occasion as you see fit.

The Diva party is open to all women who identify as lesbians, bi sexual, pan sexual or as trans. 

But where does  name Diva party come from? Fríða says that that’s something people sometimes ask them. “The name comes from Katrín Jónsdóttir who is one of the organizers and the answer is simple. We are all Divas, each and everyone and therefore when we all meet, well of course it is a Diva Party!”

The goal is to make the Diva party an annual event, but that of course totally depends on the Divas themselves and their involvement. “All the organizers are volunteers and each and every participant is crucial for the success of the event. And all Divas are welcome to help organize the party.”

Tickets are already on sale and you can pay through your bank online; the account number is 301-26-78078 and the social number 210564 – 8379.

Last year the tickets for dinner sold out so it is advised to secure your ticket in time.

The Diva party preparations committee is in the hands of Arndís Björg Sigurgeirsdótti, Ásdís Óladóttir, Fríða Bonnie Andersen (pictured in main photo with the host of the evening Jódís Skúladóttir), as well as Guðbjörg Ottósdóttir and Katrín Jónsdóttir who look forwards to meeting all the other Divas.

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