Fun, creative rainbow treats for all to enjoy

Omnom Chocolate is sponsoring Reykjavík Pride this year, which is taking place this week. Omnom has created a special chocolate bar, Caramel + Milk, with rainbows and unicorns adorning the wrappings. The chocolate is, like the name gives away, a milk chocolate bar, topped with caramel pieces and coated in more chocolate.

Michael Ryan, project manager at chocolate maker Omnom, is super excited that the company can support Reykjavík Pride this way.

“We wanted to create fun, creative treats for all to enjoy. Any profits from both the bar and popp will be used to support Reykjavík Pride 2017,” says Michael Ryan, project manager at Icelandic chocolate maker Omnom.

The bar will be sold during Reykjavík Pride, or Hinsegin dagar as the festival is called in Icelandic, and all proceeds will go to Reykjavík Pride. 

The makers of the chocolate bar say that it has a little bit of extra sparkle. “These bars are focused on the bean to bar chocolate making process, and we have a huge story to tell about them! Two founders of the company, Kjartan Gíslasson and Óskar Þorðarson, traveled to the cocoa farms in the San Jose de Bocay, Nicaragua in March. They learned about the sustainable cocoa farms and tasted cacao straight from the harvest,” says Michael.

The rainbow popcorn, or the Omnom Popp, which the company released during Eurovision in May (when over 1500 boxes were given away for free) will return for the festival. It is coated with Omnom’s signature chocolate and a variety of five, different, colorful flavors, i.e. raspberry + licorice, strawberry, blueberry, mango + passion fruit and matcha tea. Only 2000 boxes of popcorn will be available at Reykjavík Pride’s kiosks and the Omnom factory store during the festival. The same goes with the sale of the popcorn as with the chocolate: All proceeds go to Reykjavík Pride.

“We wanted to create fun, creative treats for all to enjoy. Any profits from both the bar and popp will be used to support Reykjavík Pride 2017.”

GayIceland interviewed Michel Ryan earlier this year, when the popcorn was given away in time for Eurovision. He said that the team at Omnom were super excited about the endeavor.

Omnom’s new rainbow popcorn.

“Both the Omnom Popp and the Pride Bar came from the idea to support Reykjavik Pride this year. We got in contact with the board of Hinsegin dagar (Reykjavík Pride) to discuss how we could sponsor the event this year.”And this was the result, a special Pride Bar and popcorn.

When asked about the beautiful packaging for both the products, Michael was far from lost for words. “The unicorn and rainbow are great symbols to champion what we are trying to do. They are just our special, one of a kind symbols.”

The Reykjavík Pride committee is thrilled to have the gourmet company on board as a sponsor. “We welcome Omnom as a group of proud sponsors. All our work at the festival is done by volunteers and the funding is entirely based on support from individual companies and the City of Reykjavík. We look forward to working with Omnom and thank them for approaching us with this wonderful and beautiful idea.”

Michael adds: “We’re very excited to welcome people to the Pride Shop and our Factory Store, at Hólmaslóð 4, in Reykjavík this week for the festival.”

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