Unknown or naughty?

Íris Ellenberger.
Íris Ellenberger.

“I’ve been working on two studies recently that fit well into the theme of the symposium. The theme is Óþekkt, or Unknown, which in Icelandic can mean something that people don’t know but also translates to something or someone being naughty,” says historian Íris Ellenberger.

Íris takes part in a symposium at Reykjavíkurakademían on Saturday between 11 am and 3 pm. The symposium’s heading is Óþekkt.

“In one of my studies I take a look at the 1980s where I specifically focus on homosexuality which was relatively unknown during that period but also quite naughty. In another study I focus on the 21st century and then things have changed dramatically,” says Íris and continues.

“When we sail into the 21st century we see that people have various knowledge about homosexuality and that homosexuality no longer threatens society’s norm but has become a part of the norm. But then the question arises: Are homosexuals still naughty or are they nice?” says Íris and smiles. But what meaning does she put in the word naughty?

“People just have to show up at the symposium to find out,” she says mysteriously. “The word has many meanings.”

The symposium is open for all but those interested have to sign up at Reykjavíkurakademían’s website.

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