Samtökin ’78 celebrate brand new facilities

Last Saturday the new and elegant facilities of the National Queer Organization, Samtökin ’78, opened at Suðurgata 3, Reykjavík. A steady flow of people passed by and checked out the premises.

The cake, just as delicious as it looked.

The colorful cake, cut in pieces, was certainly as delicious as it looked. During the day all sorts of families warmed the house – but later, as the dusk set in, the sweet drinks, coffee and cake were replaced with more fitting beverages for the evening.

The housewarming was accompanied with a Queer Art Opening, which will be a regular event in the new home of Samtökin ’78. There will be a guided tour of the exhibition the 29th of October, at 8pm.

There will be an Open House on every Thursday from 8PM – 11PM, but people are also welcome to stop by at other times.

We wish to congratulate Samtökin ’78 and its members on their new facilities which we are sure will serve them well.

Photos by Halla Þórlaug Óskarsdóttir.

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