Páll Óskar debuts music video

Páll Óskar releases music video for new dance pop single, Look into the light (i. Líttu upp í ljós).

Páll Óskar has just released a musich video for his single Look into the light. A dance party-friendly pop song with uber energetic lyrics about staying positive and happy and, well, listening to your mother’s advice.

Páll Óskar wants people to enjoy his music. “I find it wonderful that people want to listen to my music, while cleaning their homes or getting into a good mood, improving their mental health, out jogging or dancing under a disco ball.”
Páll Óskar is really happy about the collaboration with Dusk. “They work very well together and extremely fast and seem to conjure up the music.” The video for Look into the light was written and directed by Daníel I. Bjarnason.

“To be clear it’s meant metaphorically, as in “mama knows best”,” Páll Óskar says and laughs, when asked about the lyrics which he wrote himself. “So I’m not referring to my own mother. She never gave me the speech about looking at the bright side of life, well not specifically in this manner. However she was good at giving advice, advice which I still follow today. So the song, “Look into the light” is basically just another way to say: Look at the bright side of life!”

Look into the light is the first song that Páll Óskar releases in cooperation with Jakob Reynir Jakobsson and Bjarki Hallbergsson, better known as Dusk, who are well-known in the Icelandic dj- and electro scene. Dusk has previously done remixes on Páll’s Óskar’s music but the trio has not worked together in this way before.

“Jakob is a great musician and a producer and Bjarki is the guy with the sounds as well as being a very good composer. They see to it that the sound is different from what I have done in the past. I think the new music is more edgy. I truly like the sound and the energy they bring to the music,” Páll Óskar says about the collaboration. Additionally the singer’s long time collaborator, harpist Monika Abendroth, can be heard playing on the track, especially in the beginning and in the end and throughout the song he is backed by vocalists Erna Hrönn and Írís Hólm.

Look into the light is one of fifteen new songs Páll Óskar has had in the works for over a year now. It’s the second single he releases for free on YouTube and Spotify this year, but the singer has previously stated that he’s not excited about releasing an album in the traditional sense, due to low sales of music in Iceland. And that he’d rather give away his music for free, as a means to reach out to his fans. “Before musicians held concerts to sell their albums,” he explained before, “now the music is published to sell tickets to concerts.”

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