Iceland Airwaves:11 fast questions for Elín Ey

The Icelandic band Sísý Ey will be performing at the Iceland Airwaves festival. The band has been getting a great deal of attention for its enthusiastic live performances and its first single, Ain’t Got Nobody, has also been well received, both in Iceland and abroad.

Sísý Ey was founded in 2011 by three sisters, Elín Ey, Elísabet and Sigga, and were later joined by DJ Oculus. Their next gig is at Gamla Bíó tonight at 00.30, as a part of Iceland Airwaves.  An off-venue gig is scheduled tomorrow at Sólon Bistro at 20PM. And despite being super, super busy Elín Ey was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Sísý Ey, from left: Elísabet, Elín Ey, Sigga and DJ Oculus.

So here goes: Hi, how are you doing?
“I’m very fine today.”

Looking forward to your gigs at Iceland Airwaves?
“Very much. We’re extremely busy and that’s fun!”

How many times have you guys played at the festival?
“Sísý Ey has played three times and I’ve also done seven solo gigs.”

You’ve been getting a lot of attention for your live performances. Do you consider you guys to be “a good live band”?
“I like to think so.”

And just how would you describe your music?
“A mixture of electro, house and techno.”

Why was the band formed?
“The idea just came up and then we did [the song] Ain’t Got Nobody and decided to continue working together.”

Do you personally have a favorite band?
“There are many. John Grant and Hercules and Love Affair are currently a favorite.”

Now, you’re openly gay. What is that like in Iceland?
“Just very basic.”

So…do you have a girlfriend?

Experienced any prejudice since coming out?
“No, nothing serious.”

What’s coming up for Sísý Ey after Iceland Airwaves?
“Finish our album and be in good spirits.”

And with that we say good-bye and Elín Ey rushes back to rehearsals.

You can follow Sísý Ey on Facebook.

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Main photo: Aníta Eldjárn.

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