An amazing moment

Troy Michael takes Iceland to the top 5 in Mr. Gay World 2015 – setting a new record for the country.

“One of the most amazing and nervous moments of my life. Locking hands with the top gay ambassadors in the World waiting for the official results. I can’t even describe what I was feeling,” says Troy Michael Jónsson, who became the fourth runner-up in Mr. Gay World competition, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, last Saturday.

The winner of Mr. Gay World 2015 Klaus Bukart.

According to Troy the competition was fierce and full of tough challenges, such as a photo challenge, a public speaking and a local outreach challenge, a fashion runway, an arts challenge where contestants had to show their creative and artistic side, and also a sports challenge, which focused on teamwork, strength and agility.

However in the end, after a strenuous week,  it was Klaus Burkart, a muscular 1.83m tall milk technician from Germany, who took home the title Mr. Gay World. Klaus has said in interviews that with his new title, he wants to tour schools and be a role model for young gay men. Delegates from Belgium, Finland and Hong Kong were also finalists.

It may be added that the Mr. Gay World made headlines last month when Thahir Mohammed Sayyed, the sole entrant from India, dropped out from the competition and went into hiding, citing threats to his religious family.

Want to see Troys video for Mr. Gay World then click here. And here for more photos from the contest.

Main photo: Troy Michael, rights activist, Mr. Gay Iceland and the fourth runner up in Mr Gay World 2015, is also behind “The Bleeding Love Project” – a project about ending the bans on gay men donating blood. Photo by Glenn Wuyts.

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