Want to host a party?

Kiki – the queer bar you probably know if you’ve been partying in Iceland – is searching for an awesome candidate to host a party. Private party. Wait … what?

Árni Grétar, manager of Kiki.
Árni Grétar, manager of Kiki.

If you already follow Kiki on Facebook you might have noticed an interesting post the other day, where the bar searched for a party host. Árni Grétar Jóhannsson, the manager, says this is basically a cry for attention: “We’re hoping to get some fun quotes from our regulars, let people know that the place is a good spot for private parties and hopefully we’ll get some more followers online as well.” Also, this is a great way to spread the word. Come to Kiki.

But how will they pick the lucky winner? “Well, the plan is to get someone totally neutral, I’m thinking grandma, to pick the best idea for a party, or the best quote,” Árni explains.

The winner gets to host a party at Kiki, the bar will offer the guests beer, snacks, music and a bartender. Kiki will be their private venue from 8pm to 11pm, when the bar opens for the public.

So here’s your chance, party people, think of something good to say and mesmerize Árni’s grandmother. Winner will be announced at the end of October, so step up your game, people. Good luck!


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