Someone will likely get laid

Reykjavik Pride is amongst Iceland’s most vibrant and colorful yearly events. Tomorrow night a variety of artists will be performing at the popular Opening Ceremony at Harpa Music Hall at 9PM. Amongst them none other than American drag queen, recording artist, actress and self proclaimed matress Willam Belli, who undoubtly will manage to get the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.

So, what brings the talented Willam to Iceland?

“My motto is: If you’ve got a check, I’ve got a talent. But for real, I’m lucky enough to have a job that gives me a chance go to like 30 Gay Pride festivals a year. I’ve been to a bunch in the UK this year, 15+ in the North America and Tel Aviv.”

Ever been to Iceland before?

“Never had the pleasure. Your city names are really, really hard to pronounce.”

What do you know about Iceland and what are you most excited about?

“I think it’s where they shot that movie Frozen? Right? I don’t know much about it. I want to see some of your famous ice even if it’s just at the bottom of a glass.”

3 words that describe you the best?


You are one of the most successful contestants to come off reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race. What are your tips for a successful post-drag race career?

“I think knowing what you can offer to your potential audience is a big plus. Take my case – I’m a comedian and try to imbue everything I do with a sense of humor. Hard work is integral. No one will work harder for you than YOU.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race has been compared to an actual race. What was your experience on the show?

“I’d say being good at being a drag queen and being good at RuPaul’s Drag Race are two entirely different things. I didn’t learn much but I cemented my thoughts on never feeling bad about how someone treats you. If someone is treating you poorly, it’s because you allowed them to treat you that way. Let your truths be known.”

You were one of the queens to beat on season 4. Why admit to the producers that you broke the rules?

“I wanted to get thrown off the show. No more RuPaul’s Drag Race questions please.”

You are known for your quick wit and off-the-charts reading skills. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

PETA – I’m the top of the food chain. Don’t tell me what to do.
Jessica Simpson – Entrepewhore (Editor note – do not change spelling)
IKEA – meatballs
Lady Bunny – icon and dickpig

What kind of show can we expect on Reykjavík Pride?

“It’s very audience interactive (someone will probably get laid). Expect to laugh.”

Craziest fan encounter that took you completely by surprise?

“I invented a word from it: Encounturds. You can probably figure out the rest.”

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