Smokey Bay after midnight

[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]ey there, readers of! Are you in serious need for fun? Want to go out but haven’t got a clue where all the cool people hang out in Reykjavík or where to get decent music. No worries. My name is Óli Hjörtur and for the next 5 minutes (or 10 if you’re a slow reader) I’m gonna be your personal guide through Reykjavík’s crazy nightlife. You can just call me the savior.

Yeah, yeah, you’re probably wondering “who is this guy” and “what the fuck does he know”. Well, due to the fact that I’ve been working in and out of bars since around the age most of you were still playing video games at home, manage a bar called Dolly and was named Reykjavik’s Nightlife Legend by a local newspaper I’m basically a specialist. A specialist in partying, getting drunk and picking up guys.

Oh yeah by the way I’m gay. A gay man managing a “straight” club in a city of 120 thousand souls. To add to that I’m 35 years old, still single and I haven’t been to the only gay bar in the village IN OVER A YEAR!

Why should I? Icelanders generally don’t give a rats ass wether you’re gay or not anyway. You are who you are is how most of us see it. The only time being gay might become an issue is if you end in the sack with a “straight” guy. Just like in every other corner of the world he’ll tell you to shut up about it.

Am I saying you should go and dry-hump the first straight guy or girl you meet after getting out of Keflavík Airport? Hell no bitch! But being a Reykjavik Nightlife legend (sigh…) it’s my responsibility to make sure you rookies know the basics and find your way to nightlife enlightenment – Oli’s style!

  1. Want to go to a full-blown gay bar? Then Kiki Queer Bar is the place for you! It serves on a platter the gayest of gay music and is basically the only offical LGBT bar in town. Open from Thursdays to Saturdays.
  2. Wanna chill, chat up locals and meet queers? Below Kiki is Bravó, a cozy bar, where a lot of LGBT people frequent to relax. Bravó is open every night.
  3. In crave for house music and a few gays in the mix? Well look no further, come to Dolly! Though it’s not a full-blown gay bar the rainbow flag is on full display and some of the gay bartenders too. Don’t get me started on the camp interiors.
  4. Fancy rubbing elbows with hipsters? Next door to Dolly is cool club Paloma. Located on top of an Irish pub (Dubliners) and open Thursdays to Sundays after midnight.
  5. Looking for live music? You basically have two options worth mentioning. Next to Paloma is a newly opened venue Húrra (Icelandic word for Hooray) where you can catch live shows (no not sex shows you perv!). And of course legendary Café Rósenberg is close to Kiki Queer Bar.
  6. Can’t stand clubs but want to hook up? Back in the Stone Age there was a special cruising area, Öskjuhlíð. Now there’s Grindr. So get a smart phone. And start a convo.

Be warned! Don’t go out to early. Like Spaniards Icelanders are creatures of the Night. That means we usually go to the bars and clubs 1.30am at the earliest on weekends. Should you stumble in to a bar and there’s no one there except some tourists, then we’re most likely partying at home (or just sound a sleep).

So have fun partying – but above all be nice in the process. Icelanders hate rude foreigners…with A PASSION!

Want to go where the cool people hang out in Iceland? Then listen to Oli (second right) - he knows what he's talking about.
Want to hang out with hipsters in Iceland? Then listen to Oli (second right) – he knows what he’s talking about.

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