Grindr profiles on display

You have a Grindr profile? Well, then you might want to think carefully about what you say on it, because Australian artist Adam Seymour is creating watercolor depictions of interesting profiles he has come across on the popular gay men’s hook-up app.

Choosing his subjects by humorous tags and screenshots of profiles sent by friends, Seymour says he’s intrigued by the idea how our private worlds are being made public through social media. “We reveal our most wild, deviant, sexual, fantastical selves to the digital universe, for anyone to see, and yet, for some reason, maintain this subconscious expectation that only our desired audience will see it,” he explains to BuzzFeed.

And that’s not all. Due to the attention that part of Seymour’s work has already gained through his official homepage, the artist is now intent on publishing it in a book. Which takes the idea of private worlds made public a step further.

For now, you can check out Seymour’s website. Who knows, maybe you’re Grindr profile is already a work of art?

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