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Food & Fun: A killer combo

Restaurants in Reykjavik offer food and fun all year around but during the last week of February they emphasize that by having an annual Food & Fun festival. Food and fun! A killer combo that is hard to resist, especially when the food is prepared by world renowned chefs using fresh, natural Icelandic ingredients. This year the festival is held from February 26th till March 2nd at Reykjavik’s finest restaurants. Visiting chefs from around the world are assigned to a one of the participating restaurants and are on site for three nights during the festival.

By the end of the week the chefs have a competition where they make a three course meal using only Icelandic ingredients and present to a panel of judges.

Reading through the list of participating chefs and restaurants on the Food & Fun website, you realize this is the food lover’s dream come true. Reykjavik is a small city so it’s easy to go from one restaurant to the next and it only depends on your budget how many you want to visit. The Food & Fun menu price is ISK 7.990 kr., it’s remained the same for years. So if you plan on going, count your money and then hit the website and make a choice. It’s highly recommended to book a table early, especially if you have a specific restaurant or a chef in mind. To help you make your choice you should start at the Food & Fun website, do your homework, and find the perfect companion for your taste buds.  Some of these chefs even have a food blog which will get your juices flowing and help you make your choice.

Many people visiting Iceland for the aurora borealis, geological wonders and the crazy nightlife are pleasantly surprised by the colorful dining scene in Reykjavik. If you happen to be here while the Food & Fun festival is on, you are in for a treat. It’s a gastronomic adventure of exciting dishes in some fantastic restaurants. And the chances are the fun will continue into the night, under a sky of aurora borealis.

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