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Even though Icelanders celebrate the first day of summer on the 24th of April, the summer usually starts with cold weather and perhaps a bit of snow. But even though April can be somewhat cold out here in the North, it’s also a very beautiful and bright time to be here and there are plenty of exciting and fun things to experience. In case you’re heading our way, then here’s a list of 10 things to do in Iceland this month so it will be easier for you not to miss out on the good stuff.

3rd – 9th of April. Reykjavik Shorts & Docs Festival, Bio Paradis, Hverfisgata 54, Reykjavík 101 (see show times below).

Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue in 20.000 Days on Earth.Are you into short films and documentaries? Then you are in luck cause a lot of great films will be presented at Reykjavik Shorts & Docs Festival this month. The festival kicks off with a documentary on the great Nick Cave (20.000 days on Earth) and after that the interesting films, both Icelandic and international, just keep coming. We’re especially excited about My Prairie Home, a documentary on artist, singer-songwriter and transman Rae Spoon who reflects on gender identity, faith and the challenges of family through songs and stories.

5th of April. Momentum, Angst , Malignant Mist and Future Figment, Gamli Gaukurinn, Tryggvagata 22, Reykjavík 101, at 22.30pm.

Are you a music lover? And willing to try out new things. Then why not go for a psychedelic mixture of melodic and soft music as well as some brain crushing heaviness? Icelandic band Momentum is only one of many great metal bands emerging on and some would go as far as saying slowly taking over the Icelandic music scene. The band is on its way to the Netherlands where it will play on Roadburn Festival in Tilburt, but will warm up first at the bar Gamli Gaukurinn in Reykjavik.  Entrance fee is 1.000 ISK.

Dj Birna and Eva Maria Glimmer.5th of April. Trans Glans Dans, Mama Glimmer Kiki (the only queer bar in town), Laugavegur, 22 Reykjavík 101, at 11pm-4.30am.

Then of course if you’re more open to dance music, well then you have a chance to dance like there is no tomorrow! With dj Glimmer spinning records at Kiki, the only queer bar currently in Iceland, we can promise you a great time. Or as the girls put it: Only happiness, gayness, warmness, kindness, curiosity and love allowed.

5th & 26th of April. How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes Harpa Music Hall, Austurbakki 2, Reykjavík 101 (see show times below).

Have you ever dreamt of becoming Icelandic? Now is your chance to learn how to think and act like a regular Icelander in just 60 minutes. Additionally you will learn why eating sour sheep balls might save your life. Not just your regular stand up comedy routine but “a hilarious blend of incisive and visual observation of the Icelandic human condition, their attitudes, struggles and everyday life”.

12th – 17th of April. Blues Festival Reykjavik, the capital city will be packed with blues concerts and events.

Victor Wainwright.You can also put on your blues hat and join other blues fans! Icelandic talented blues artists will perform throughout the annual Blues Festival all over town alongside international stars, such as Victor Wainwright (“blues pianist of the year 2013”) from Memphis Tennessee. Victor will be performing with the genius guitarist Nick Black on the 16th.  Tickets available online and sold at the door.

13th & 27th of April. Theatre Workshop in women’s story circle, Gerðuberg (Cultural Center and Reykjavik City Library) 3-5, Reykjavik 111, at 1-4pm.

Laugh a lot in a creative atmosphere where you can join a theatre workshop with other ladies, totally free of charge. And guys, when we say ladies we mean women only.

17th – 21st of April. Easter holidays.

What not to miss? Well the taste of a “best in the world” Icelandic traditional chocolate Easter egg, available in all supermarkets and are highly recommended! Make sure to check opening hours in restaurants, especially on the 18th and 20th of April. Most tourist bureaus are open throughout Easter.

20th of April. “Hillibilly” ball, Njalsbud, V-Landeyjum, Hvolsvöllur 861 (in South Iceland), at 12pm-04am.

Singer Páll Óskar.Want to to experience a traditional “hillbilly” ball in Iceland? Famous Icelandic gay singing sensation and dj Páll Óskar (Paul Oscar) will be at Njalsbud (South Iceland) with one of his EPIC PARTIES! The party starts at midnight and doesn’t stop until 4 in the morning. Bus tours from Reykjavik will be announced later. An event definately not to be missed! More info (it’s in Icelandic, but Google Translate can help) on Facebook.

29th of April – 4th of May: Reykjavik Children’s Culture Festival, events taking place in various parts of the capital.

Travelling with children and in need of entertainment? There’s certainly no lack of fun things to do for kids in Reykjavík this month. A special children’s fest will be held in Reykjavík where creativity, culture and fun come together. The full program will soon be available online.

Fishing in Iceland.Late April. If you like fishing, you will probably be happy to know that the fishing season starts in late April. Fore more info check out the website of The Federation of Icelandic River Owners. Also which provides anglers with up to date information on fishing availability and “online” booking in many of Iceland’s finest salmon and trout rivers.

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