City Library receives a gift

Samtökin ’78, The National Queer Organization of Iceland, donated a part of its library, a total of 2.400 titles, mostly literature and academic publication, to The Reykjavík City Library and Gender Studies at University if Iceland’s Faculty of Political Science, yesterday, on the 23rd of September.

The organization is at a turning point as it is moving to a new premises at Suðurgata 3 Reykjavík, after having been located at Laugavegur 3 for the past fifteen years. For that reason it was decided, with a unanimous vote, on the organization’s last annual meeting to discontinue the library and donate books, which fall in the category of fiction and academic publication. The books, which are in large part in English, will be accessible at The Reykjavík City Library at Tryggvagata 15 Reykjavík and The National and University Library of Iceland at Arngrímsgata 3 Reykjavík.

The National Queer Organizations chose the 23rd of September, otherwise known as the international Bi visibility day, to highlight issues concerning certain groups within the queer community, such as bisexuals, pansexuals and people with fluid sexuality, who have throughout the years played a major part in its history.

Photo above: Dagur B. Eggertsson, Mayor of Reykjavík (left), formally accepts the book gift from Hilmar Magnússon, Chairman of The National Queer Organization, at the Reykjavík City Library yesterday. Photo courtesy of The Reykjavík City Library.

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