Omnom’s rainbow popcorn.

Free rainbow popcorn in time for Eurovision

Chocolate maker Omnom has developed rainbow popcorn and a pride bar for Reykjavík Pride. Everyone who pays a visist to Omnom Chocolate Factory Shop at Hólmaslóð 4 in Reykjavík today, Tuesday the 9th of May, between the hours of 11 AM – 6 PM, will get a taste of the popcorn for free – one box per person.

Michael Ryan project manager at chocolate maker Omnom.

“Iceland is really crazy about Eurovision and celebrating the night of the competition. We wanted to leak out information about the Popp and then create buzz and excitement,” says Michael Ryan, project manager at Icelandic chocolate maker Omnom Chocolate. The company will give away boxes of their new Omnom Rainbow Chocolate Popcorn, Omnom Popp, today, to celebrate Eurovision.

“The popcorn will be given away today for Eurovision as a “teaser.” Omnom Popp will be back and bigger and crazier for Reykjavik Pride this year,” says Michael and adds that the popcorn was actually developed to support Reykjavík Pride.

“Both the Omnom Popp and the Pride Bar came from the idea to support Reykjavik Pride this year.”

In addition to that, Omnom furthermore has a Pride Bar in development for Reykjavík Pride and all profits from both the bar and popcorn will be donated to Reykjavík Pride this year.

“Both the Omnom Popp and the Pride Bar came from the idea to support Reykjavik Pride this year. We are a company with a very diverse team and we try to create a workplace that celebrates that. We got in contact with the board of Hinsegin dagar (Reykjavík Pride) to discuss how we could sponsor the event this year,” says Michael, who becomes very secretive when I try to find out what flavor the bar will be.

“The Pride Bar is still in development. At the moment we plan on making a 60g bar in a similar style to the rest of our core product line up. The flavor of the bar is currently in our test lab. We’ll have more information coming this summer,” he says with a grin.

Rainbows and unicorns

Omnom have chosen a unicorn and a rainbow as symbols for their Pride products, very suiting to the festival which takes place each year in Iceland. “The unicorn and rainbow are great symbols to champion what we are trying to do. They are just our special, one of a kind symbols,” says Michael.

Eva María Þórarinsdóttir Lange, president of Reykjavík Pride.

Eva María Þórarinsdóttir Lange, president of Reykjavík Pride, is over the moon with Omnom’s actions. “This initiative is admirable. They approached us with this idea and we went through the whole development process together. This is such a lovely and beautiful thought.

It’s also just the first step in our collaboration because we will develop this relationship even further during Hinsegin dagar (Reykjavík Pride) and Omnom will be one of our biggest sponsors,” says Eva María and adds that she celebrates the fact that the rainbow popcorn will be handed out for free today.

“Eurovision is a bit like Christmas for the queer community so it’s appropriate to unveil this collaboration in connection with this colorful event.”

This is the first time that Omnom has done any giveaway or promotion of this kind. They’re giving away the popcorn to hear people’s reaction. But are there more novelty delicacies coming to the chocolate market any time soon?

Omnom’s new rainbow popcorn.

“Novelties and innovation are always pouring out of our test lab. Many fun projects and new things are coming soon, and I can give you a spoiler about two. Near the end of May we will also be rolling out two new 60g bars to the core line up: Nicaragua 73 percent Dark Chocolate and Milk of Nicaragua 50 percent,” says Michael.

“It’s also just the first step in our collaboration … Omnom will be one of our biggest sponsors.”

“These bars are focused on the bean to bar chocolate making process, and we have a huge story to tell about them! Two founders of the company, Kjartan Gíslasson and Óskar Þorðarson, traveled to the cocoa farms in the San Jose de Bocay, Nicaragua in March. They learned about the sustainable cocoa farms and tasted cacao straight from the harvest. We’ll have more information about those coming soon as well,” he adds.

Michael and the rest of the staff at Omnom welcome everyone to pay a visit to Omnom Chocolate Factory Shop at Hólmaslóð 4 in Reykjavík today, Tuesday the 9th of May, between the hours of 11 AM – 6 PM. One box of popcorn per person, until they run out.

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