One of Iceland’s longest living Christmas plays is back!

One of Iceland’s longest-living Christmas play, Ævintýrið um Augastein, or The Adventure of Augasteinn, will be performed every Sunday during Advent at Tjarnarbíó theatre in down town Reykjavík.

The play, which is written by the singer, actor and multi-tasker Felix Bergsson, premiered in London in 2002 and in Iceland the following year. Since then it has been performed for hundreds of theater guests and tickets to every show last year were sold out.

Artist and TV /radio host Felix Bergsson.

The play is based on the Icelandic folk tale about the 13 Yule lads and their mother, Grýla. This time around the tale is taken even further with a young boy, Augasteinn, becoming the center of attention when he is introduced to the wicked Yule lads who gradually become fond of the boy. But all hell breaks loose when Grýla finds out about the little boy and an unbelievable plot ensues that even involves the infamous Christmas cat.

The aforementioned Felix Bergsson acts out all the parts in the play, which is produced by the acting troupe Á senunni. The troupe was founded in 1998 and received the Icelandic award for performing arts, Gríman, in 2003 for play of the year, Kvetch, and again in 2007 for children’s play of the year with Abbabb!

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