Single and hating it!

Kiki queer bar’s first “Single and HATING IT” night tonight. In cooperation with Q – The Queer Student Association.

Does the sight of red roses make your eyes hurt? Do heart-shaped chocolate boxes awaken the demon in you? Then, take our advice and head to Kiki queer bar tonight, Saturday 13 February, to celebrate the “Single and HATING IT “night with the likes of you. You can be sure to seek cover there from all the annoying and happily paired people walking hand in hand down Laugavegur, on their yearly romantic night out.

Árni Grétar, Kiki’s manager, and Ugla Stefanía, chair of Q – The Queer Student Association.

“This is our way of making fun of the whole atmosphere surrounding Valentine’s day, where everything evolves around things like the husband giving his lady a diamond necklace, or the wife bringing her man a cold beer,” says Árni Grétar Jóhannsson, Kiki queer bar’s manager.

The night is celebrated in cooperation with Q – The Queer Student Association, so expect to find a full house of happy singles, perhaps secretly hoping to meet their very own Valentine in the crowd. “We decided to turn things upside down and make this night a celebration for single people who defy the exaggerated heteronormative nature of Valentine’s day,” Árni explains.

The night will be kicked off with a “Broken Hearts Karaoke” so go over your mind and find the one song that reminds you the most of your awful ex and sing him or her out of your system. There will be special offers on selected drinks suited for the occasion. Around midnight DJ-Nalli will take over, so you and your new friends can start showing off your moves.

“…forget all about the three course candle light dinner the happy people are enjoying.” – Árni Grétar.


“I urge everyone to drop by, maybe for a shot of “brennivín” and a good time, and forget all about the three course candle light dinner the happy people are enjoying,” Árni Grétar says. “This is our message: You don’t need to be in a heteronormative relationship that could fit into an American movie to find happiness. You might even be lucky and find it here!”

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