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Kiki queer bar has a lot of exciting things on offer during the Reykjavík Pride festival. Tonight, straight after the Opening Ceremony (at Harpa) DJ DE LA ROSA and DÓRA DÚNA make their debut at Kiki alongside DJ Fjalar! DJ Rosa promises it will be absolute madness!

“Oh, I can tell you this night is going to be crazy,” says Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld, otherwise known as DJ De La Rosa, and adds that because she usually makes a new playlist for every gig she does, the music will be totally fresh.

Rósa Birgitta Ísleifsdóttir is a singer in a couple of bands, such as Sometime and Feldberg. But she’s also known as DJ De La Rosa, and as such she has been DJ-ing for almost 13 years, so she’s no newcome in that field. On the other hand, she recently graduated from The Icelandic Flight Academy so between gigs she’s up in the air, accumulating flight hours.
Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld, a.k.a. DJ De La Rosa, has also made a name for herself as the leading singer of bands Feldberg and Sometime. Between gigs Rósa is up in the air, accumulating flight hours and just recently graduated from the Icelandic Flight Academy.

But what kind of music will they be playing?  “A mix of everything. I’m an eighties queen myself, with a taste for pop and electro. And I’m sure, well I’m hoping, that Dóra and Fjalar will bring all the gay hits!”

Rósa says it’s the first time ever that the three of them, her, Dóra Dúna and Fjalar, DJ together.

“I haven’t DJ’d with them before, we’re just good friends – and they have a great taste in music! I think the real reason why I’m on the team might be that I am the only one who could be considered tech-savvy of us, so I can work the gadgets.” (laughs)

However Rósa is no newcomer when it comes to DJ-ing, as she has been doing it for almost 13 years. We have to ask if there’s any truth to the rumour that it’s especially hard to please a queer audience? 

“Well it depends, on the venue really,” she replies after giving the question a lot of thought. “If it’s a bar, you get a bit more freedom, it’s your gig. But if you’re hired for private parties it can vary.

For example this one party I was DJ-ing at, if every second song wasn’t from the Eurovision Song Contest people got quite pissed off. That’s also annoying. I mean, if you’ve already made a playlist in your head, well then you don’t really need a DJ, do you? But then again you can never please everybody. You just have to read the crowd. So sometimes you feel more like a psychologist than a DJ!” (laughs)

“…it’s going to be madness…People will party their ass off!”

She points out that there’s a difference between the music lesbian bars and gay clubs play.

“Definitely. It’s two completely different things. Lesbians don’t ask for Eurovision songs, and for that reason I prefer DJ-ing in lesbian parties,” she says. “No no, just kidding!” She laughs. “But seriously, what I prefer is DJ-ing at a club which has its own music policy. As long as you follow its policy then you can play what you like.”

And now she’s DJ-ing on the night of the Opening Ceremony of Pride. How does that feel?

“I’m really excited. We’re all excited. The Reykjavík Pride is a really important festival. And it’s great how people come from all over the country to celebrate together, whether in rain or sun shine, doesn’t matter everyone’s shows up.

Actually I have to admit that I feel that the Pride parade has become a bit too political in recent years. I think it should be more about colors and celebration. The point is how different we all are and that should be celebrated.

Don’t get me wrong, of course people have a right to speak their mind. But if Pride starts to become too serious, then I’m a bit afraid it will lose its uniqueness. That you wouldn’t be able to tell it apart from other civil rights parades. The idea of rejoicing everything that has been gained in the fight for equality, that’s what I love about Pride.”

And according to Rósa there will be a lot of celebrating tonight. People will party their ass off. Last night, after the Drag Competition, I dropped by at Kiki and saw that everybody was a bit chilled, like they were saving themselves for tonight. So yeah, I just know that it’s going to be madness, topless partying and everything!”

The full programme for Kiki’s events and the Reykjavík Pride festival here.

Main photo: DJ Dóra Dúna, DJ de la Rosa, friend Dóra Takefusa and DJ Fjalar.

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