It’s all about the happiness

If you’ve ever been out at night at a bar in Reykjavík, chances are that you’ve been amazed by a pair of old ladies grooving on the dance floor or even bumped into a herd of wild animals dancing away to disco tunes. Sometimes Dick and Dyke are close to unrecognisable, but you can identify them by their wide smiles and all the good fun that surrounds them.

Answering to the names Kolla and Nalli in everyday life, they love the freedom of wearing freaky costumes on a night out, almost as much as they like playing music for a happy and accepting crowd. It was their shared thirst for fun, good music and dancing that brought them together in the first place.

Kolla tells the story of their first meeting: “We were at a club in Reykjavík when we bumped into each other on the dance floor. We had both had enough of the music that was playing, so we left the dance floor and headed for the bar. There we realised that both of us had an urge to do something about the mediocre music we had been forced to listen to and the idea was born to form a team.”

And that’s how Kolla and Nalli became DJ Dick&Dyke, one of the jolliest couples Iceland has bred, one that never seems to live a dull moment. The magic behind the happiness that radiates from the pair is – in their own words – “a complex mixture of joy and beauty”.

“Sure, we’ve witnessed some fierce stuff and we’ve got some hot stories up our sleeves.”

Kolla and Nalli are out there to please. “We love dancing to good music ourselves and nothing pleases us more than to see other people in a fit of happiness, dancing away to the music we put on for them. Of course, we do not complain about all the attention we get either!” says Kolla.

When she gets to choose the tunes, expect to hear a long Whitney Houston series or see her miming away to a J-Lo tune. When Nalli takes the lead, some German euro hits or even some classic disco will be played out loud. But the two are open to good suggestions and new ideas, so ask for your favourite song to be played if you bump into them and you can be sure to be well received.

Surely Dick&Dyke have witnessed some interesting things while DJ-ing and we try as we can to convince them to gossip. True to their role as healers and bringers of joy to the world, their lips are sealed: “Sure, we’ve witnessed some fierce stuff and we’ve got some hot stories up our sleeves. But we’re not telling you about them, they’re not for publishing!”

So, you just have to seek them out to experience them first hand or, better yet, get them to play at your party. The easiest way to follow their schedule is liking them on Facebook.

Main photo and photo below by Arturas Burming. Other photos: courtsely of Dj Dick&Dyke.

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