Ban Ki-moon praises Conchita

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hosted a special meeting with Eurovision’s winner Conchita Wurst in Vienna, Austria, today. Secretary General Ban praised Wurst for her talent and thanked her for turning the Eurovision song contest into a “moment of human rights education”. He also grabbed the opportunity to say that this year he extended benefits to same-sex partners of U.N. staff members. Adding, to much applause from officials at hand: “Discrimination has no place in the United Nations.”

The U.N. has been criticised for exactly the same reason. That is for promoting gay rights around the world, whilst not extending benefits to same-sex partnerships of its own staff untill just earlier this year (in July). Critics say that it’s a clear example of the hypocrisy that’s been going on for long time within the intergovernmental organization.

However as international news agency Reuters points out Ban’s endorsement can be seen as particularly meaningful as global tensions over LGBT issues are rising. As can be seen earlier this year when Wurst victory was condemned by social conservatives as promoting gay rights. A confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin even went as far as calling Wurst a symbol for “ethno-fascism” and a “decadent agenda” after she won Eurovision in May. One that the West is trying to impose on the rest of the world.

Reuters reports.

Photo via Twitter: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Conchita Wurst in Vienna today.

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